Shortly after my 35th Birthday I watched „The life of PI”. And I fell in love. No, not in Piscine. In the whale. The huge blue whale ( at least I think it was the blue one). I watched that scene again and again. Do you get that sometimes? The moments in songs, in movies that you want to return to as they make you feel… hm, alive, happy, strong, willing..?

Well, there it was. My new Dream. Dream to see the whale live till I’m 40. I made a decision. All I had to do is take some action.

Right… So here I am, not exactly sure what to do with my life, but so damn sure I want to see a whale…as crazy as it sounded, it made sense. Ok, so where do I star? How do I tackle this? Wait. so where exactly do people get to see the whales?

That’s how general my knowledge was… Al I knew was that was my grand goal and need. Martyna Wojciechowska, a traveller and a very brave woman to me once wrote a book on moving the horizon – when going gets tough, make the effort of finding a far-distance goal and let the current situation be just a step on the way, not an objective at all. I suppose that was my whale then. I needed an incredibly distant and great aim as the changes I was going through were simply harsh.

Harsh, and as it turned out, also energy, emotions, attention-consuming. A needed although difficult step on my way in life. The whale still there, had to stay a dream for a while.

Then, a year later, here I am building my new life, testing my priorities and checking for my needs. The whale seems to remain a dream. There are so many other important things to attend to now. The”real stuff…” So, how many of you have that? The „real stuff” that precedes dreams? It could be anything. A trip somewhere far, learning to snowboard, try paragliding, visit Taj Mahal. Your pick.

But Dear Life has much in store for me – I have come to learn that 😉 And I have come to grateful (not such an easy task for me to be honest).

One of the first things I learnt about my partner was that he has two sisters and one of them lives in Australia. No, it didn’t ring the bell just yet… Then, few months later, Australia introduced gay marriages. So the girls got engaged. Well, by that time, I had a gut feeling… Then we got the invitation! A wedding, in Australia, in August…

There is this magical place called the Hervey Bay. It’s a unique place where humpbacks come on their way back from breeding and mating journey to the North. The difference here is that  those who come to watch them do not stop them on the path back home. They swim into the bay plainly for fun and rest, to enjoy the time with their new mates or babies.

Hervey Bay 1661km from where Joanna and Kristy live. We took a camper van, drove the distance in few days, and one beautiful August 2019 morning boarded a speed boat. We saw six of them, the humpbacks. As the guide said: „I’m not sure who’s watching who here. Is it us, coming to see the whales or is it the whales coming over to show their offspring the people… look baby, these are people, they make funny noises and movements to attract us.”

If I were to pick the greatest disappointments in my life, there is a clear answer in my case. The unexploited opportunities. Nothing else. The moments when I had it – the Life was giving it to me and I didn’t see it/ was too afraid/intimidated… I wasted many chances like that. A chance to say thank you to Martyna Wojciechowska for her book is my newest „achievement”.

But you know, no more. It’s time. It”s time to swim with the whales.

My next great, audacious plan is a trip to the US to meet and learn from Brene Brown. And then a conference with Ursula Dudziak in Atlas Arena, Łódź. Both till my 45th Birthday.

Will keep you posted I’m afraid…

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