Let’s talk! Let’s get your message through! Is it special occasion? Conference? Speech? International guests? And you want to work on specific data, material, presentation… Communicating in English is not a problem any more. My priority is to first see where you are at, estimate your style, your immediate needs and the longterm goals. I will tailor whatever we choose to work on and the way we do it according to what you can and need to do. My background allows me to work on whatever the scope – be it the linguistic or the personal aspects of communication.

Here’s what we could do for instance:

  • English Language Practice: regular, focused on comfortable, full self-integrity communication served the way you need it
  • English Language Prep – tailored, specialised, well-focused on the target you set
  • Foreign Language Coaching – no time, two needs? You can combine the two! Life coaching and language practice at the same – for those who praise multilevel personal growth