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    I believe in us, humans.
    In our abilities to thrive.
    We are able to do more than we often imagine.

    Ewa Strzyżewska

    Communication Catalyst, Life&Language Coach, NLP Master, PM.

    For over 20 years I have been working with human communication competence both in business environments as well as in less formal circumstances as my trust lies with adapting to the specific needs of those I work with.

    Thriving on my bilingual expertise, my main interests have always been on the quality of communicating in public. I train and coach those who realize and believe that public speaking is natural need, a means of good communicating with others. And this has never been limited to big audience and stage. The spotlight is there when you speak to your team, to your boss, pitch, take part in an international conference call. I can show you how to remain efficient and get the right message through when the stress, the gravity of the situation and foreign language play a little too big a role. And you know what? How you speak is OK, all you need is to know how you do it.

    The years of multiple cooperation schemes with international companies, EU environment, and business partners brought me to the point where catalysing English language communication also stands for any PR or foreign cooperation activities. I worked as a TV anchor, provided conference interpretation for years, created and delivered VIP hospitality services as well as events’ support know-how.

    That’s how You&Me was created and brought to life.

    Remember: #experiencelife

    For you

    Let’s talk! Let’s get your message through! Is it special occasion? Conference? Speech? International guests? And you want to work on specific data, material, presentation… Communicating in English is not a problem any more. My priority is to first see where you are at, estimate your style, your immediate needs and the longterm goals. I will tailor whatever we choose to work on and the way we do it according to what you can and need to do. My background allows me to work on whatever the scope – be it the linguistic or the personal aspects of communication.

    Here’s what we could do for instance:

    • English Language Practice: regular, focused on comfortable, full self-integrity communication served the way you need it
    • English Language Prep – tailored, specialised, well-focused on the target you set
    • Foreign Language Coaching – no time, two needs? You can combine the two! Life coaching and language practice at the same – for those who praise multilevel personal growth

    Google has recently published a study (link) that says that teams are most efficient when the members feel psychologically safe. Why don’t you help the teams that you work with, also online. Building self-awareness or self-worth are great tools to improve the quality of team effectiveness. Why not give the group, any group, a set of skills to make the process far more pleasurable and flexible. Let them feel more confident and therefore credible and amiable for each other. And for ourselves too.

    What about public speaking whatever shape or size it takes. Do you pitch to present your start-up? Or any other project? The uniqueness is to combine the preparation of language tools and work on your self-worth at the same time. You see, others will see as much of you as you see of yourself.

      My favourite workshops are:

    • Public Speaking – in English, or not…
    • Pitching in English – always to the point
    • Online Multinational Communication – language and cultural differences in action
    • Self-awareness as the key to trustworthy communication – show up, first to yourself

    But be sure that all of these can be accustomed to your environment, business, a team or a group.

    I have also worked as a communication and vip hospitality catalyst for almost 20 years, be it interpretation, event preparation, or pr activities. In any aspect, it is always the smooth, adjusted and comprehensive communication that makes a difference. When assisting your guests, I assure their comfort and logistics while pr activities include primary focus on your company and the way it is perceived during an event. Conference interpretation, on the other hand, remains the key aspect whenever a multilingual environment is concerned. You&Me stands for efficiency and results but never without tailor-cut solutions, the ones that fit your needs best. Therefore, it is your choice to what extent I may be of help to you:

    • VIP Hospitality
    • PR activities
    • Conference interpretation
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    My #lifeexperience


    Once upon a time…no, just kidding… It was exactly three years ago, when I moved into my new flat. The very first moment I saw it, I knew - it is my place to recover. Since then, I’ve lived every inch of that place. The balcony in particular. 


    I write when I feel I have something to say, something important. Not just anything. On the other hand, I realize regularity is the key if you really want to connect with this one-sided communication mode called blog. And I’m torn. I haven’t written here for a long time now although there was so much much going on. Or maybe that’s why. Sometimes I simply feel a story worth telling needs space, time, nurture. Perhaps, giving myself the permission for that time and space was my biggest lesson in recent weeks. Perhaps. Or a major setback, no idea yet… 


    To me, a sheer rookie at blogging, this is the place where I want to share something I perceive as important. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t I suppose. Telling you my stories, I need to have a purpose. An idea that is worth mentioning, naming, addressing as perhaps reading it will, eventually, evoke the „me too” reaction. I’m writing about the previous weeks to tell you and myself for that matter something you probably know, but I still consider important enough to repeat and remind… 

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